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pexels photo 8434635 - Pet food trends 2022

Pet food trends 2022

The pet food industry is booming and has been for some time. In fact, according to market research firm Euromonitor International, the pet food industry generated $64 billion in sales in 2020—that’s up from $45 billion just seven years earlier! As well as this growth trend continuing through 2021, we’ll see even more innovation and new products being launched into the market. And while there are plenty of trends happening out there right now in regards to what people are buying for their pets (and why!), we’ve decided to focus on those areas that seem most likely to change over time as well as which ones will have the biggest impact on how you shop for your furry friends moving forward…

The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) recently announced plans to make it easier for manufacturers of pet food to use irradiated ingredients in their products. The FSIS said that it intends to amend its labeling regulations to allow irradiation symbols to appear on pet food packaging as an alternative to including the words “treated with irradiation” on the label, a change that has been requested by industry groups.Enhancing pet food quality and improving nutrition will also be a top trend for 2022, with owners ensuring their furry friends get a healthy, well-balanced diet that fits their needs. As well as this, many of us will seek out alternative protein sources with more nutritional benefits and less environmental impact, choosing fresh pet food options where possible. Pet food was the highest-selling pet market product in 2020—and experts expect to maintain that statistic for 2021. Pet food sales are expected to increase around 5.8% in the coming year in 2022. Pet owners spend an average of $329-$442 on pet food in a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased pet food sales significantly. Online purchases and subscriptions of pet food and related products have reached an all-time high. E-commerce options for pet food are projected to take precedence over in-store purchases, even as social distancing restrictions diminish. Pet supplement sales jumped up to $1.47 billion in 2020 and are predicted to continue rising. Organic pet food continues to gain popularity, seeing $22.8 billion in sales in 2020. The vegan market is projected to grow from $9.3 million in 2021 to $15.6 million within 7 years. The number of households with pets continues to increase, with 70% of all US homes having at least one pet Millennials steal the number one slot for pet owners, making up 32%. Pet food production jobs employ nearly 25,000 people and this number is estimated to grow. Pet food industry companies are thriving in 2021, with Mars Pet care Inc. taking the lead at $18,085,000,000 in total revenue.

Currently, when a product is treated with irradiation, the label of that product must read: “Treated with radiation” or “Treated by irradiation.” Pet food manufacturers want to replace those labels with a small symbol. The USDA has said that the use of the radiating waves symbol would not provide any additional information about how the food was treated but would make it easier for consumers who are concerned about radiation exposure to identify such foods and avoid them if they choose. Pet food makes up about 3/4s of all pet industry sales. Over the years, pet food sales have consistently increased,” says the PFMA. “This trend is accounted for by increases in the pet population, a growing use of pet food as part of the overall diet, a greater variety of diets and the benefits and value for money that pet foods offer.” We’re noticing pet food brands gaining market share via niche pet foods. And start-ups aiming to get traction in the space by launching completely new types of pet food. One of the fastest-growing niche pet food categories right now is freeze dried dog food.


A few companies are looking to take advantage of the trend in small-batch pet foods.

Some start-ups are creating completely new types of pet food, such as freeze dried dog food or rawhide chews made from natural ingredients.

In addition, the agency is proposing changes intended to clarify which products may be labelled as organic and which may not.

The USDA is also proposing changes intended to clarify which products may be labeled as organic and which may not.

In addition, the agency is proposing changes intended to clarify which products may be labeled as organic and which may not.

These changes come as pet owners become increasingly concerned about what goes into their pets’ food and treats, and as more people are aware of new products such as organic dog treats.

The top trends in pet food are:

Organic dog treats. This is a new trend that started when people became more aware of what goes into their pets’ food and treats. Pet owners have been asking for organic options, and companies like Whole Foods Market (WFM) and Amazon have taken notice. As WFM notes on its website, “we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products available at every price point”—and it’s working! In addition to offering organic dog foods for sale online, the company has also launched an online subscription service called The Whole Pets Experience program where subscribers can receive various types of natural food items including raw proteins sourced directly from local farms instead of being processed at huge facilities inland like Tyson Foods’ chicken processing plants where antibiotics may be used unnecessarily during production processes over time resulting in antibiotic resistant strains being born while they’re still alive inside these animals before dying later down stream due to illness caused by those same antibiotics being injected directly into their bloodstreams through injection needles inserted directly into muscle tissue without any kind soul knowing what went wrong until too late

The trend toward more pet food variety is also reflected in the growth of new companies. The number of start-ups in this space has grown from just two to more than 15 over the past decade. These companies are capitalizing on the demand for better quality products and services for our pets, as well as offering online shopping options that make it easier than ever before to buy what your pet needs without leaving home. We hope this information helps you decide what kind of pet food or supplement may be best suited to your needs!

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