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image 9 - Tips On When You Should Start Grooming Your Puppy

Tips On When You Should Start Grooming Your Puppy

Grooming your puppy is an important part of taking care of your furry friend, but it’s also a great opportunity to bond with your pup. But when is the best time to start grooming your puppy?

The answer may surprise you. While you may think that you should wait until your puppy is a little older, the truth is that the sooner you start grooming your puppy, the better. Here’s why.

Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s life, from puppyhood onwards, because there are so many wellbeing benefits. As well as introducing air to the coat and boosting healthy hair growth, regular grooming also promotes good blood circulation and helps to prevent a build-up of grease and dandruff. When too much grease builds up within a dog’s coat, it can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts, which can be very uncomfortable and painful for the dog.

Grooming is also the perfect opportunity for you to check over your pet to ensure they are fit and well. Nowadays, most dogs live indoors and will moult more quickly, and more often, than their wild counterparts, which can cause the loose hairs to become matted. If not brushed out regularly, a heavily matted coat can become tight and will feel very uncomfortable when your dog moves. It can also lead to skin problems.

When puppies are young, they’re more likely to be relaxed and cooperative during grooming sessions. This is because they haven’t developed a fear of being handled or being in new environments yet. As puppies get older, they can become more resistant to being groomed, making the experience stressful for both you and your pup.

We recommend introducing your puppy to grooming at 10-12 weeks old, after their second set of vaccinations – even short-haired or smooth-coated puppies. Waiting until later in life could mean that grooming becomes a very stressful experience for your pet.

Home grooming can start earlier than this, but only gentle brushing. It’s important to use the correct brush for your pup’s coat type, so speak to one of our groomers in store for advice if you’re unsure.

Professional groomers won’t cut your dog’s coat at this stage, as the hair is still growing, but time spent with the groomer will also help your pup to get used to standing on a table and being handled by someone other than yourself. As a new pet owner, it’s vital that you regularly spend time brushing your puppy, using the correct equipment; this includes short-haired or smooth-coated breeds. It’s also very important to know what type of coat your particular puppy has, or will develop when it becomes an adult dog.

image 11 - Tips On When You Should Start Grooming Your Puppy

A qualified professional groomer can help you choose the best grooming kit for your dog’s particular type of coat. When grooming your dog at home, be as calm and as patient as possible because your dog might become upset at first. Again, a qualified groomer will be happy to recommend different handling methods and brushing techniques. Some owners love grooming their dogs and can be a bit over-zealous about bathing! But it’s important not to over-wash your pup as this can strip the natural oils away and cause the skin and coat to dry out.

The result is a lacklustre coat and potential skin irritations. It’s best to bathe your puppy every two weeks using a pH-balanced puppy shampoo (not a human baby shampoo). If your puppy regularly gets mucky when playing outside, a thorough rinse with warm water should remove any excess mud.

We recommend that your new pet has two to three puppy grooming sessions before experiencing a full-service groom – this could also include a haircut, depending on your dog’s coat type.

Generally, a puppy has its first haircut at around six months old. With a combination of regular grooming at home and sessions at your groomers, your puppy should be in tip-top shape for their first trim.

If your puppy has not been regularly groomed, it may need a shorter cut to get rid of knots and matting – this will then make the brushing and grooming process.

Another reason to start grooming your puppy early is that it can help your pup get used to being handled. This is important not only for grooming but also for vet visits and other situations where your pup may need to be handled by someone other than you. The more comfortable your pup is with being touched and held, the less stressful these situations will be.

image 10 - Tips On When You Should Start Grooming Your Puppy

Finally, it’s easier to teach good grooming habits to puppies when they’re young. Just like with any other behaviour, it’s much easier to teach a puppy something new than it is to try and change an adult dog’s behaviour. If you start grooming your puppy early and make it a positive experience, chances are good that your pup will grow into a dog who loves being groomed

it’s recommended to have your pet professionally groomed every six to eight weeks. In between professional grooming, you also need to brush your dog’s coat regularly. At around 10-12 months, your puppy’s coat will change and their adult coat will start to come in.

At this stage, a dog’s coat can begin to matt more heavily and the regular haircut your pup has been receiving may no longer be appropriate. In fact, many young dogs often need a shorter cut at this stage to get rid of the matting and puppy hair, and let the adult coat grow through smoothly. Of course, for some pet owners, regular grooming at home isn’t always practical.

a good groomer will keep records of your dogs health and will observe changes in your dog that you may not have noticed yourself. your dog’s behaviour while being groomed may also be in charge due to joint discomfort from arthritis for example. this is all completely normal and an experienced dog groomer will be able to deal with these life changes effectively and help your dog to feel safe and comfortable during the grooming process.

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to start grooming your puppy as soon as possible. Not only will it make the experience more pleasant for both of you, but it can also help your pup develop good habits that will last a lifetime. So don’t wait – get started today!

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