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6 Easy Steps to Throw your Dog a PAW-SOME Birthday Party

If you’re thinking of planning the paw-fect dog party we are here to help with our step by step guide to make sure your dogs tail never stops wagging – it is their birthday after all. 

Step 1 – The Guestlist 

To make sure your dog has the perfect day the Guestlist is very important.

Will your dog be having paw pals? If so it’s important the dogs have already met, a birthday party isn’t the best place for introductions when you want everyone to get on and have fun. 

If your dog already has a group of dog friends a birthday party is a great opportunity for them to hang out together, especially as it’s a fun filled day with treats galore. 

Top Tip: Make sure all dogs mum and dads hang around for the festivities or you’ll be the one chasing your tail by the end of the party. 

If you want your dog to be the centre of attention and the only pup at the party, invite all your paw loving BFF’s to shower your pup in attention all day (Make sure to remind them to bring a gift) 

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Step 2 – The outfit

Every pup should have their day and their birthday is that day they should stand out of the crowd .

It’s a NEED not a WANT! FunkyPaw offers you the perfect birthday accessories to add to your pets pawdrobe for their special day.

Whether a Tshirt or a Bandana we are sure your pup will be turning heads in one our paw-fect birthday collections.

Birthday Print T-Shirt For Dogs Cats Pets Washable Sleeveless Multi Coloured Pooch Accessories

Step 3 – The Venue

Once the guest list and outfit is sorted now you need the perfect venue
If there are several dogs at the party an outside venue is going to be your best bet, if your garden is secure and the sun is shining, the dogs are going to be in for a treat chasing each other round for hours, 
An indoor party is always going to be fun for smaller dogs just make sure you remember the toilet breaks, no body wants to be cleaning up accidents all day do they?! 
Other options to consider are:
The local park – I mean who doesn’t love an excuse for a picnic in the park. Just make sure all pups in attendance have a good recall or you’ll be getting more steps in running after the pups than you would running a marathon. 
Doggy Daycare – Check for your local dog daycare venues, sometimes they will hire them out for the afternoon, this is always a good option if there are a few dogs in attendance as there is oodles of toys and so much to keep your pups occupied plus you know they will be safe. 
A dog loving friends house – Do you have a friend who loves dogs? Or at least loves your own, gift them a bottle of something nice (and offer to clean) and they may just let you use their house or garden for the big day – Stranger things have happened. 

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Step 4 – The Decorations 

What’s the point of planning a big day for your pup if it isn’t fit for the gram, we all need THAT Instagram post of our pup for all our followers to swoon over. 
So if you are big on decor your dogs day should be no different, 
Here are a few suggestions of what we would recommend for the perfect set up:
Balloons – Whether you you want to go all out with an arch or you just want your dogs age number it’s not a pawty without a balloon 
Table decor – Pop to your local party store or shop online and go for some dog-themed plates and napkins to set your table off, even the humans need to eat. 
Banners – Birthday banners are a must, Let’s Pawty is one of our favourites but if you’re struggling to find a dog related banner a simple happy birthday will do, your pup will still love you. 

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Step 5 – The Food 

Now while a dogs party requires a bigger menu (Human food too) its relatively simple to get the menu together. 
Make sure you have lots of dog bowls though, not sure about you but we don’t like sharing our plates with other humans.
The key to a dogs happiness is food and especially tasty treats which should be on tap all day as well as some nutritions dog food as there’s no doubt about it all the pups will be working up a big appetite with all the running around and excitement. 
Hydration is also key, make sure there is water in abundance and its being topped up all day, we as humans don’t drink enough water, let’s make sure our pups do. 
The cake: There are so many doggy birthday cakes and cupcakes readily available now, after all if you can’t eat cake on your birthday when can you? Pop into your local pet store or order online your dog will be licking their lips for days after a tasty treat like cake. 

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Step 6 – The Activities

Although we all know once you get a dog together with their paw pals it’s none stop fun it’s always a good idea to have some activities ready. 
– Fill your garden with toys every dog has its favourite I’m sure 
– Get those ball throwing arms at the ready as we know fetch never gets old – Dogs love to splash about in the water so a doggy paddling pool will always be fun. (Just make sure you have towels at the ready you don’t want paw prints through the house) 
– Pawtraits – Although your dog may play ball, this one is more for the humans to remember the special day, set up a photobooth and capture your pup and their pawpals throughout the festivities. 
– Sleep Zone – Be sure to set up a quiet area filled with blankets and snuggly beds for if any of the pups need a time out, we all wish we could have an afternoon snooze but sometimes our fur babies really need it.

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Now all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy making your dogs day totally pawsome. (Although we can’t say there won’t be some cleaning to attend to when the fun is all over).

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