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Can you Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

How to teach an old dog new tricks..

Despite the saying..

Old dogs can learn new tricks. … In fact, adult dogs are often easier to train than their younger pups mainly because they aren’t as active. 

Older dogs aren’t as easily distracted as pups and can focus for longer periods of time. This ability to concentrate helps them learn new routines more easily.

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It’s never too late

Examples show that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. The key to success is people, patience and reward training, this positivity is what will encourage your canine friend. 

Using dog treats as a means to encourage the dog’s behavior and motivate him to learn new things. As a dog lover, take time for this training and most importantly, show a lot of patience to your old dog. He might not be in his best shape, but he is definitely one of your best companions, so treat him with lots of care and patience. Don’t forget that an older dog has the capacity to focus longer. Therefore, teaching it new tricks might be, in some cases, even easier than with puppies.

The go-to rules of training

Whatever trick you decide to teach your dog, these are the golden rules:

  • Be patient. Allow your dog the time to understand what you want them to do, never rush your dog unless they are ready.
  • Keep it short. Spend just a few minutes on each training session, last thing you want is for your dog to get bored or restless. 
  • Stay calm. Above all, don’t get mad at your dog if they don’t get it right the first, second or even third time, they are learning something new and it will take them some time. Stay upbeat and make it fun and rewarding for your dog to learn the trick.
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Focus on one trick at a time.

Learning new tricks can be much more challenging for an older dog than a puppy, so it’s important not to confuse your dog with too many things at once. Pick one trick to focus on at a time and don’t move onto a new one until your dog has mastered the first. This will keep your dog from getting confused and improve his chances of success. 

Tricks are Fun

Teaching and learning new tricks can be a fun activityfor you and your dog, no matter what the age. Enjoy yourself and make sure your dog is having fun too and as well as learning a new trick you will deepen the bond you already have with your canine friend. 

Plus, tricks provide mental stimulation for older dogs and Keeping the brain active is always a good thing. Just use your experiences and common sense to pick tricks that are comparable with your dog’s physical abilities. 

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 

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